San Bernardino Bankruptcy

Is a Riverside Bankruptcy looming on the horizon for Riverside?  In the wake of Stockton’s Bankruptcy Chapter 9 and the San Bernardino Bankruptcy filed just this morning, also a chapter 9, who’s next? 

You Can’t Squeeze Blood From a Turnip.

My inquiry is simple, if Riverside’s next door neighbor, San Bernardino, can file a bankruptcy and restructure its debts and contracts, how much does it owe to Riverside as a creditor?  Riverside Bankruptcies are about to start flowing like opening a vein.  You’ve heard that you can’t squeeze blood from a turnip, but I’ve learned from my bankruptcy practice of 16 years, sometimes you eat the turnip.

If you’re a turnip, how do you prevent creditors from eating you?  Bankruptcy is your pesticide.  Now that San Bernardino is going to refuse to pay many of its vendors, contractors and creditors, many of them are going to have to file bankruptcy.  People who did contract work for the city installing infrastructure on a contract basis or who work for San Bernardino but live in Riverside are going to feel the pinch.

City workers are going to be the biggest losers in this. Even though they do most of the best work for the city, who else does the city have to cut.  Furlough days are coming, pay cuts and pension restructuring as much as they can get away with.  However, there is good news, Chapter 9 Bankruptcy is not nearly as nice as the other chapters are to individuals.  Bankruptcy gives individuals fresh starts but a city / municipality, how much of a fresh start do they need?  Not as much.  This is a case where you can fight city hall.  Thankfully the unions will do most of that fighting for you and you’ll be happier you’re in a union than ever.  Still the ultimate defaults will be rampant.

If you end up having to file bankruptcy because you were owed money by San Bernardino and/or you work for San Bernardino and San Bernardino’s Bankruptcy cuts your pay or your job, call me, David L Nelson, Bankruptcy Attorney and I’ll make sure to give you my widows and orphans price for your bankruptcy.

Cities in California are losing tons of State Money which means they’re having to default on their obligations.  If you’re an general contractor or an independent contractor or a sub-contractor working for any City in California, make sure you get paid on time or in advance.

Never do work if the city you’re working for is late paying you.

Remember, Union Employees have contracts that will be largely enforceable when that city files chapter 9 bankruptcy, but you, you’re going to be out of luck.

If you’re a contractor working for a city, don’t work for free, and don’t think if someone else gets the job that they’re the lucky ones.  If the city never pays, you’ll be the lucky one who didn’t spend tons of money and resources on a job with NO Pay Day!

I can’t pay my bills

I think it would be beneficial for people who are serious about strategies for getting out of debt and who are able to pay a substantial portion of their debts to consider alternatives to bankruptcy.

When not able to do that, I’m here. Call me 9512003613 in California to get out of debt.

Bankruptcy is not for everyone. If you owe only a little debt then it’s like taking a shot gun to kill a fly. But if your debt is a tiger that’s about to eat you, you need a shot gun.

People say, well they can’t squeeze blood from a turnip. I’ve got news for you, they can eat the turnip. A little sauce from the courts and the sheriff and it goes down okay.

Don’t hide away and do nothing about your debts. Either you find a solution with or contact me.