It seems Bankruptcy Attorney Lorene Lynn Mies has Retired Medically

The Bankruptcy Minute

A fine attorney and a nice person, Lorene Lynn Mies of the Bankruptcy Minute, has apparently medically retired.

She was one of Murrieta’s finest bankruptcy attorneys and I hope she’ll be well and back to her old self again soon.

I don’t know Lorene’s condition, but I have great respect for her as a person and attorney. I teased her once in a blog post that a minute was a short consultation and got an earful for it.  Once I got to know her I realized that she’s a good person as well as a good attorney. Keep her in your prayers.

There are a couple of things that come to mind, first, if you don’t have life insurance, you need it.  Second if  you don’t have disability and long term care insurance, you need that too.

Three quarters of us will require care before we die.  Yet, less than about 25% of us even have life insurance and fewer still have disability and long term care. Requiring such care when uninsured for it will devastate your family’s finances. Don’t let that happen to you.

Update as of 10/30/13 

I’ve heard just this morning on 10/30/2013 that the Travis Law Firm is no longer taking Lorene Mies’ clients unless those client’s cases have already been filed with the court. I also understand that Ms. Mies has in fact herself filed for bankruptcy. Her bankruptcy attorney is Carey Pickford.

Carey C Pickford 
Pickford Law Office
38975 Sky Canyon Dr Ste 112
Murrieta, CA 92563

If you have already paid her a retainer but your bankruptcy case has not been filed, and therefore she owes you your money back, then I suggest you check with Attorney Pickford.

However, if you have paid for your bankruptcy to Ms. Mies and if your case has not yet been filed and you still want to file it, I recommend you telephone me directly at 951-200-3613 to file your case. While I cannot credit you any of the fees you have paid to her, my prices are competitive.

The Bankruptcy Minute

I met a new client today for the first time who was single and made nearly $12,000 over the median income. After putting in all of the client’s weekly pay checks into the computer and doing the 8 page analysis, I was able to determine that this client did indeed pass the means test.

By the time I was done with all the data entry and analysis of the various means test rules, the free consultation turned out to be a bit 2 hours long. Thankfully most don’t take as long to complete and come to a conclusion one way or the other. That was a bankruptcy-120-minutes plus.

Murrieta Bankruptcy Attorney

I don’t know if The Bankruptcy Minute might give a free consultation that long, or spend that much time for free on the means test for you. Call her and ask. She’s another bankruptcy attorney in Murrieta, CA who has a great radio ad running.

It’s just that minute thing that got me to thinking. I don’t know about Attorney Mies, but so many bankruptcy attorneys will bring you in for a free consultation for a half hour. If your income is above the median income then that means test takes a long time to complete and it suddenly isn’t such a free consultation anymore. Again, I don’t know if Ms. Mies does that or not, I’ve never heard that she does. Call her and ask how long her consultations are.

I heard from Attorney Lorene Mies who runs the Bankruptcy Minute ads.  She was unequivocal that she spends as much time as she needs to with you in your consultations.  I want to add that here.  A little while ago, an attorney who knows her well, Bankruptcy Attorney Michael Gouveia, just out of the blue expressed to me that he has great respect for her and her professionalism and her practice.  Rather than change this post, I’ve decided to add these two paragraphs. 

I believe that if you are considering Ms Mies as your attorney, then you should go for it.  I am adding my recommendation to that of Bankruptcy Attorney Mike Gouveia who stated that she’s professional and very good at what she does.  What I noticed recently about her is that she shows up to her own hearings.  A great many attorneys will never go the hearing with you and will hire another attorney to go to your hearing for you.  Sometimes we have to, but there are some attorneys who do it for every hearing just as a matter of routine.  I don’t think that’s fair to the client and clearly she doesn’t think so either.  Not only that, she was way early.  That day she didn’t beat me to the court house but she was dressed better.  To sum up, I apologize to Ms. Mies who didn’t like the way this post sounded without these two paragraphs. If you’ve already decided to use Ms. Mies, then be assured, you’ll be well taken care of.

Because I like her radio commercials, and the sound of her voice, I have put her here so you can ask her yourself.

If my client had been required as many firms do, to pay for the 2nd hour of his consultation, then that client would not have been able to afford to find out what protections are available. What if the client were you and you decided you didn’t like the attorney or the attorney’s price. There goes a couple hundred dollars and you can bet almost all of the other bankruptcy attorneys out there are going to charge for that 2nd hour of consultation or even subsequent half hours.

Many bankruptcy attorneys charge you a bunch just to do the means test for you at all.

Now, starting from 2 hours, I’m going to charge you, but if you have a means test issue and if I can get it figured out in 2 hours, which most of the time is the case, then you’re not penalized just because you’ve worked harder and smarter than the average bear. I know that most of the time you have nothing left at the end of the month.

I’m here to help.