Corporate Personhood

Legal Persons

Corporate legal personhood is good. If you owned a grocery store and didn’t incorporate, you’d very quickly find out how good it is while watching some plaintiff’s lawyer suck all your hard work out of your non-corporate veins.

Corporations have always been “legal persons” and that’s not going to change. It’s not different anywhere else.  Just ask a German, French or Italian.

The legal person who is a corporation can still be stopped from funneling untold millions into politics without revoking the personhood of a corporation.  The Supreme Court didn’t make up new law, it’s always been that way.  What they did was restate what is on the books, then used it as a justification to make a bad ruling.

Corporate legal personhood allows you to prevent having your life breath sucked out by the vampires that work in Law for other corporations.  They want to skin you alive and suck the marrow from your bones when some foreigner “slips” in your store. Corporate personhood protects you when a guy in a wheelchair sues you for violating the ADA without ever having been to your grocery store in the first place.

Trust me, it’s really really good, and like Crack it also has side effects if you do too much of it.  That’s when they start buying elections. Don’t attack the corporation’s personhood, protect it. We need it, but we have to do something about the addiction too.

We need an LGBTC organization, it’s that important, even to progressives, liberals, democrats and whatever the people who don’t label themselves are calling themselves.  It’s that important to anyone who owns a business and in America only about half of those business owners are conservatives.

We also need corpraholics anonymous . . . or a couple choice visits from the Sopranos.